Consulting Audiological Associates
Educating and protecting our clients’ hearing from the damaging effects of occupational noise

The Hearing Place
Improving the hearing of all our clients and patients through skilled hearing care and quality products


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Protecting and Improving Hearing

CAA The Hearing Place is a Chicago based company that has been servicing industry and patients for over 30 years. Dr. Robert C. Beiter, a licensed audiologist, is founder and president. CAA The Hearing Place has two service divisions with two different objectives

Industrial Services
Services to industry for compliance with
OSHA regulations by providing:

- Mobile hearing testing
- Employee training
- Noise surveys
- Custom molded hearing protection
- Respirator Certification Program
- NEW! Check out our Compliance Protection Plan

Patient Services
Services to patients needing professional
hearing care, including:

- Evaluating hearing loss
- Prescribing the latest technology in hearing aids
- Making custom ear molds for all listening devices
- Selling hearing related products



What You Need To Know What You Need To KnowWhat You Need To Know

Protection and Improvement

A complete range of
services from testing through custom
protection and
hearing aids

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On-Site Testing at Your Company

Convenient and
accurate, we bring our
equipment to your
company for thorough
vision screenings

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CAOHC Courses

Full certification or
refresher courses
are offered by a
certified CAOHC
course director

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